the president of Lou castigates the absence of VAR

the president of Lou castigates the absence of VAR

2023-06-05 02:34:17

Yann Roubert believes that “some essays (from UBB) deserved to be reviewed“, after Lyon’s defeat against Bordeaux-Bègles, Sunday, in the play-offs (25-32).

«The referees were not helped“. The president of Lyon Yann Roubert deplored the absence of video arbitration, Sunday, after the defeat of the LOU in front of Bordeaux-Bègles (32-25) in the play-offs of the Top 14.There’s a lot of disappointment, sadness, frustration… even resentment, to be honest. We have the best championship in the world, the best equipped, the one that attracts people in front of the TV. Obviously, many saw that some tests deserved to be reviewed. The only one who didn’t have access to it was the referee and it’s a shame“, pestered Roubert in a press conference. “The referees are not helped by the lack of video. We neither. All the boys, players and staff, deserved better. It is the work of a year which comes to a cruel end. It hurts and it’s gonna be hard to digest“, he continued.

Due to technical issues, there was no video arbitration during the play-off between LOU and UBB. To remedy this, a referee was placed in each in-goal to judge disputed situations. “That doesn’t absolve us of our own mistakes. We could have done better, we can be improved. If Bordeaux’s first try is not there, as everyone knows, it’s not the same match. There are one or two tries that could have been verified on video. It’s hard to digest“, further estimated Roubert. Bordeaux-Bègles beat Lyon (32-25) and qualified for the semi-finals of the Top 14, in a week in San Sebastian in Spain, against La Rochelle.

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