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The President of the Republic appeared on national television without the accompaniment of his Vice President, Ministers of State, Senior Government Officials, the Joint Command of the Armed Forces and the High Command of the National Police, but he was accompanied by his wife, that for some reason he does not suggest that he wear clothes according to the rank he holds, as President of the Republic, to improve his appearance and not present himself as his former old friend and ally, Ab. Jaime Nebot Saadi, who said: that he more appears to be a badly armed Old Year.

Approximately a year ago, more or less, we were one of the first to comment that CROSS DEATH would be the best way to face the crisis that we are experiencing today and that it would be about to explode, exclusively benefiting the nameless fugitive, I remember that at that time At that time, the success of vaccination was at its highest level, so much so that the President’s political bonds rose and his citizen acceptance was the highest he has had during his term, that he even announced his possible re-election, he will have had his reasons for not having taken advantage of that opportunity that may not be presented again.

The message issued on Thursday night was good, but not satisfactory for the majority who hoped to get to know the names of the corrupt assembly members and opponents, but preferred to remain silent, I think that if he appears in the Assembly he should confront them with all the evidence without keeping anything, which surely should be kept safe.

For now, it is in the hands of the Oversight Commission whose principal is Assemblyman Fernando Villavicencio, who has always been a strong critic of Progressive Socialism who became the common enemy that they have to defeat to free the country from the Communism that stalks us. Since the next opportunity that presents itself they will not be willing to lose it again, therefore, they will not hand over power to whom they do not deem appropriate for being contrary to their Progressive Revolutionary principles.


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