The price of light gives a respite and drops 16.2%

The average price of electricity for regulated tariff customers linked to the wholesale market falls by 16.2% today compared to yesterday, to 177.64 euros per megawatt hour (MWh). This decline coincides with falling demand over the weekend and the end of the heat wave. This price for customers of the voluntary retail price (PVPC) is the product of adding the average auction price to the wholesale market and the compensation that demand will pay to the cycle power plants combined by the application of the “exception Iberian »to hit the price of gas per generation of electricity.

Thus, the megawatt hour of light for the final consumer will cost 177.64 euros, after the price of the pool is added to the compensation of 55.03 euros to gas companies, compared to 65.48 euros on Friday.

This compensation must be paid by the consumers benefiting from the measure, the consumers of the regulated tariff (PVPC) or those who, despite being on the free market, have an indexed tariff.

At the auction, the average price of electricity in the wholesale market – the so-called pool – stands today at 122.61 euros / MWh, which is 23.93 euros less than yesterday’s price (146.54 euros / MWh), a drop of 16.33%, according to data from the Iberian Energy Market Operator (OMIE) collected by Europa Press.

The maximum price of light will be recorded between 10 and 11 pm, with 250 euros / MWh, while the minimum for the day, 50 euros / MWh, will be between 4 and 5 pm .

Compared to last year, prices have skyrocketed, as on the same day in 2021, electricity was paid at 87.22 euros / MWh in the wholesale market, 35.39 euros less than today.

In the absence of the Iberian exception mechanism to meet the price of gas for electricity generation, the correct application of which is being monitored by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), the price of electricity in Spain it would have been on average about 243 euros / MWh, which is about 71 euros / MWh more than with the compensation for customers of the regulated tariff, which will pay 29% less on average.

These prices are being recorded in a context marked these days by the heat wave and high demand, with a very exceptional participation of gas-fired power plants in generation.


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