The Prime Minister campaigned for “World AIDS Day on December 1,” reiterating his intention to end the AIDS problem by 2030.

The Prime Minister campaigned for “World AIDS Day on December 1,” reiterating his intention to end the AIDS problem by 2030.

Ms. Traisulee Traisoranakul, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, joined the campaign for “World AIDS Day” (World AIDS Day), which the World Health Organization. It is designated on December 1 of every year to raise awareness of the importance of AIDS prevention, acceptance and understanding of people living with HIV worldwide. by supporting the campaign to stop the spread of AIDS Provide people with correct self-protection measures that can be implemented in daily life.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed Thailand’s commitment to end AIDS by 2030 by advancing the national strategy to end AIDS. 2017-2030 There are 3 main goals: no infection, no death, no stigma to solve the problem according to the strategy 1. Reduce new HIV infections to less than 1,000 cases per year 2. Reduce deaths among people infected with H. ivy There are no more than 4,000 left per year and 3. Reduce discrimination. related to HIV and gender down from the original 90 percent with basic principles create justice reduce inequality gender equality

Ms. Traisulee said that the government has set up 6 strategies to end AIDS in the long run, namely: 1. Focus on and expedite the delivery of highly effective services to cover areas and populations at risk; 3. Develop and accelerate treatment social care and assistance 4. Improve the image of understanding at the individual, family and community levels. There are rights protection mechanisms to reduce discrimination and discrimination. 5. Invest in management efficiency in all sectors and at all levels. 6. Promote and develop access to justice. Make effective use of data and research

Ms. Traisulee said that in 2022, Thailand has served as the chairman of the United Nations AIDS Program Executive Committee or UNAIDS PCB. On this occasion, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health was a representative of Thailand pushing through various activities Let the world see the importance of 3 issues: protecting young people. free from AIDS Because it is a group of people who are both the future of the country and the world. Accelerating universal coverage of HIV/AIDS services and promoting the reduction of stigma and discrimination against those living with HIV. Both in providing health services, educational institutions, workplaces and communities.

However, in mid-December this year Thailand will host the 51st UNAIDS PCB Conference, which will feature 22 member countries, non-profit organizations (NGOs), and sponsoring bodies. (Co-Sponsor) attending and Mr. Anutin will chair the meeting. By hosting this time, Thailand will push the world to see the importance of ending mother-to-child transmission and ensuring access to HIV prevention. and emphasized the issue of non-discrimination and stigma reduction. This will be an important mechanism to reduce threats to the global health system and reduce the country’s potential from HIV and AIDS problems.


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