“The prison pimp affair has been investigated in the past, we will not investigate the matter”

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The prison warden’s affair in prison: During the testimony given today (Thursday) by Gilboa Prison Commander Gen. Freddy Ben Sheetrit before the Commission of Inquiry into the Escape of Security Prisoners, in which it was revealed yesterday that guards were castrated at the request of security prisoners, the committee stated that “the issue has been investigated in the past.”

Earlier, Gen. Ben Sheetrit said that “pimping did not happen in my time, but for me what happened was a groundbreaking event.” Fear, yes I wanted to warn. “Later committee members asked him” Who were you talking about? How did you take care of them if you talked to them and not to anyone who might harm them? “He replied:” My reference was that they are our daughters who must be taken care of. “

Naamat chairman Hagit Peer commented on the commission’s decision not to engage in the prison pimp affair: These things were said in the course of the discussions and testimonies in the committee, so it is only natural that you should deal with it. “I demand from the Minister of Internal Security and the Commissioner for immediate intervention – this shocking affair will be investigated in one way or another. At the same time, a reopening of the investigation file is required immediately.”

Gilboa Prison Commander testifies to the terrorists’ escape, yesterday // Photo: Moshe Ben Simhon

Even before he addressed the prison affair, Ben Sheetrit was asked by the committee about the affair of the escape of the six security prisoners. According to them, he said that the deficiencies regarding escape from prison from 2014 had been addressed, but that a document from the deputy commissioner published a few days before the escape stated that “over the years there is a duty to refresh, and we are witnessing the erosion of procedures by prisoners. Did you know that?”

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Ben Sheetrit: “It did not reach me”

Committee: “And what was your feeling?”

Bo Sheetrit: “Actions were taken that made me sleep well at night. During tours of the cells, concrete was raised in the toilets in all the cells.”

Committee: “So what did you base everything on?”

Ben Sheetrit: “On actions taken in 2014. I really do not know what was under the shower.”

Then the committee members attacked the prison commander, saying that “as a taxi to the job, you knew what the organizational attention was and the need to learn lessons from the escape incident in 2004. In fact, you knew and knew the importance.

Committee: “Some assistants know what’s going on in the organization and some are small-minded. What have you been?”

Ben Sheetrit: “I was not a small head, and not one of those who want to know what is happening all the time in the organization. I refrained from using my position for power or gaining power. I refused to enter into a placement discussion when my predecessors participated.”

Gilboa Prison, Photo: Gil Eliyahu – Ginny

Ben Sheetrit went on to describe the sequence of events in the escape of the prisoners. “I received a phone call from a citizen reporting to police about figures in an agricultural area near Tower H. I ordered to make counts and update myself, and went out to the jail. .

He continued: “The first action I took was to take an armed force for a perimeter patrol around the prison, then we first discovered the tunnel opening. From that point I landed the armed force to stay in place, fearing there were still prisoners in the tunnel. They fled, and handcuffed prisoners in nearby cells. “

Committee members asked Ben Sheetrit when in prison it was understood that they were missing the prisoners: “I can not say. The incident was accompanied by uneasy feelings. I can say that the police took the cameras.”

The search for the prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison, Photo: Gil Eliyahu / Ginny

Ben Simhon later said that the head of the logistics department at the police arrived at the prison and recommended that he be released from security prisoners. “This was the first time an officer came from the commission and first discovers that what they said in 2014 (then construction operations were carried out in the prison that led to the understanding that the vulnerabilities were addressed) – did not happen. The recommendation to remove them was not carried out.”

Committee members asked Ben Sheetrit why he did not “knock on the table” following the many shortcomings he described yesterday, to which he replied: “I did not. We continued to hold security prisoners. All actions taken in 2014 testified that the prison was treated. Unfortunately, we arrived when things did not go well. Have been done. “

“Pimped conscripts in prison”

Opening his testimony yesterday, Ben Sheetrit said: “From the night of the incident, I was accused of being responsible for the default, even before an investigation or investigation. I can say that I was marked by the commissioner as the person responsible for the incident that failed miserably.”

Regarding the intelligence issue surrounding the incident, he admitted: “As a prison commander, I am not allowed to operate or raise resources. At the beginning of February I demanded to get a picture of the cellular smuggling situation in the prison. According to the commanding officer, there were ten smuggled devices in the prison. This is considered a reasonable number relative to other places. “There may have been some kind of fraud here led by inmates who contributed information around smuggled phones, thereby creating a sense of satisfaction among the paramedics to hide the tunnel excavation. I have no idea how it was not revealed at the intelligence level.”

The six terrorists who were caught after escaping from Gilboa Prison,

An hour and a half into his testimony, the prison commander was required to tell about the organizational attention he had. After finishing talking about the corona, he elaborated on an affair from 2017. “A serious and constitutive incident is a pimping incident in compulsory female soldiers by a spokesman for the security prisoners,” he said. “He would demand that a female soldier be drafted at certain points, not for security or security purposes but for one reason or another. This is an incident that is being investigated by the police. An indictment was filed against that security prisoner, and he was convicted.”

It should be noted that following complaints from three women prisoners, an investigation was conducted at the IPS, at the end of which it was decided to involve the police. Return the intelligence officer to service in the organization.

“Cynical exploitation of victims”

The Prison Service said: “It is strange to hear that such a serious allegation on the part of someone who sat at the organizational decision center and served as an IPS commissioner while investigating the incident, is heard only now and probably would not have been heard if he had not been asked to come and testify personally. This is an attempt to change the public debate from dealing with an examination of its function, to dealing with a matter that was examined under a previous commissioner and closed by the State Attorney’s Office.

“We can only regret the officer’s choice to cynically exploit the vulnerability of crime victims trying to rebuild their lives, in order to divert public attention from his testimony in the escape investigation committee that took place under his direct command. It must be immediately referred to law enforcement to re-examine the previous decision. “

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