The Prosecutor General’s Office of Kazakhstan reported 225 dead during the riots

More than 4,500 people were injured during the unrest in Kazakhstan, killing 225 citizens, including security forces and civilians, Serik Shalabaev, head of the criminal prosecution service of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Kazakhstan, said at a briefing broadcast on YouTube.

In January, 4,578 people were injured as a result of riots and protests, 225 bodies of the dead were delivered to morgues, 19 of them were security officials, Sputnik Kazakhstan reports with reference to the broadcast.

“Each case of death will be considered individually. The state will provide comprehensive support to the families of the victims and the dead, ”the agency reports Shalabaev’s words.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, more than 20,000 people took part in the pogroms, and 546 criminal cases are being investigated.

On January 2, street demonstrations began in Kazakhstan due to a sharp increase in the price of liquefied gas. Demonstrations soon spread to major cities and escalated into armed clashes with police and looting. The protesters, whom the authorities call terrorists, made several attempts to storm administrative buildings and police departments, and also briefly seized Alma-Ata International Airport. The Russians were taken out of the country by military transport aviation. The CSTO peacekeeping forces were brought into the country. On January 13, after the stabilization of the situation in the country, their withdrawal from Kazakhstan began.



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