The queen takes the field for the final of the European Championships at Wembley-

The queen takes the field. And he sends his “best wishes for himself and the Windsor family for tomorrow, in the hope that history will record not only your success but also the determination, dedication and pride with which you have fought so far.”

Recalling when in 1966 she was “fortunate to offer the World Cup to the then England captain, Bobby Moore and thus saw” what she meant for the players, the management and all the staff to reach and win the final of a great international tournament. football “.

As for his nephew William, who has already assured his support in previous European matches, he is president of the British Football Association and with his wife Kate and eldest son George attended the matches.

Not only that: years ago, in 2015, on a visit to Beijing on behalf of His Majesty, his august grandmother, he conquered the Chinese by talking to President Xi about football, and demonstrating his dribbles … and his competence in fact football.

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