The queen will meet Joe and Jill Biden after their birthday at Windsor-

No view from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, next June 12 on the occasion of the Trooping the Color, as in the centuries-old tradition of the Windsors. This year the ceremony that will officially mark the Queen’s 95th birthday will be at Windsor Castle. And on Sunday the 13th, in the manor that gave the family its name, Her Majesty’s highly anticipated meeting with its 12th American president, guest in Great Britain: Joe Biden. Twelve tenants of the White House, many, in 95 years of life and 70 of reign (in 2022), Elizabeth II met. And it was in Windsor that he had already welcomed Barack and Michelle Obama, the last time for an informal lunch in April 2016 on the occasion of his (private) birthday.

George V and the marketing of the crown

In short, if in the plans for the celebrations of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 the center of the scene will be the London palace since 1837, the heart of the British royal house, June 2021 with the moments that will mark the maximum visibility for the queen throughout the year, they will have Windsor Castle as their theater. Windsor that in fact also the name of the family after the genealogical make-up or marketing operation of the crown wanted by King George V who in July 1917 changed the name of Germanic origin of the family to the very English one of Windsor, just like the castle.

Trooping the Colour

And it will be in the Quadrangle of the manor, where the military farewell to the late Duke of Edinburgh took place during the funeral on 17 April, that Foot Guards, the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery and the Household Cavalry will gather.

The Duke of Kent

Without Filippo by whom will Her Majesty be escorted? From the elderly but very close to Elizabeth Duke of Kent, Edward: with him at his side I will listen to the hymn God Save the Queen and the 41 cannon shots in his honor. In a certain sense the duke will take Philip’s place for the official event of the sovereign’s birthday. Which, it should be remembered, turns its birthday on April 21 (the date on which it was born at 17 Bruton street near Bond Street) but celebrates by tradition that dates back to the 1700s with the Season, the season of parties and festivals of the aristocracy on the Thames, in June.

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