The question raised by the Ukrainian grandmother to Russia

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The question raised by the Ukrainian grandmother to Russia

The 80-year-old Ukrainian grandmother has questioned why you are only bombing our house when there is such a big Russia.

Ukraine’s Donbass is now the epicenter of Russia’s brutal war. Thus Baghmud, which provides a direct link with the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, has come under attack.

Moreover, the Bakmud region is an important meeting point for the Ukrainian war command center. In this situation, Russia has been fighting for days to capture Baghmud. Many homes were destroyed in the recent Russian airstrikes.

In this situation, the house of Maria Mayashlapak, an 82-year-old grandmother who lives there, was also destroyed. Because of this, the old woman was forced to live in fear amidst the ruins.

The old woman described the tragic moment when the bomb, fired by Russian forces, landed in her kitchen. He said: –

“I was praying my usual morning prayers to God so that I would not be injured.

I ask God, ‘What do they (the Russians) want? Is Russia not enough for them? Why do they kill people? ‘ I ask God for this reason. ”

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