The quota for gas exports from Israel to Egypt will be increased

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Israel and Egypt today (Thursday) signed a joint memorandum of understanding in the field of gas. As part of the memorandum, additional export options of natural gas from Israel to Egypt will be promoted, as fuel beyond reducing greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions in the region.

As part of the EMGF meeting in Cairo, the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Engineer Tarek al-Mula, and the Minister of Energy of Israel, Karin Elharar, signed The Memorandum of Understanding is common for examining additional export options for natural gas and in the future also the option for exporting hydrogen. This agreement comes against the background of fruitful and positive cooperation between the two countries on energy issues in recent years, since the establishment of the Middle East Gas Forum and throughout the forum’s activities.

Bennett meets with Egyptian President // Photo: GPO

Natural gas is a transit fuel, paving the way for the transition to renewable energies and other clean energy sources. Cooperation between the countries plays a significant role in reducing carbon emissions throughout the region, through the adoption of technological developments in the gas economy. In recent months, a working group consisting of representatives from both sides has been exploring the possibility of increasing the amount of natural gas exported to Egypt. A number of successful physical and virtual sessions have already been held over the past few months, in a series of sessions expected to follow.

The Cairo meeting on the export of Israeli gas to Egypt,

Egypt’s Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Engineer Tarek El Mula: ‘We are proud of the fruitful cooperation that benefits natural gas to the two countries. I would like to emphasize the importance of the joint effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which make it possible to deal with the climate crisis while ensuring energy stability in the region. Natural gas will play a significant role as a transit fuel in the near future, in which we will move from fuels that lead to emissions, clean energy and in light of the global desire to achieve zero emissions. “

Israel’s Energy Minister Karin Elharar: “We see Egypt as an important partner in ensuring regional energy stability and tackling the climate crisis together. “I thank my friend Tarek al-Mula for leading and hosting this important forum and for his willingness to continue to deepen relations between the countries in the field of energy.”

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