The real estate index recovers with an increase of 1.8%

The real estate index recovers with an increase of 1.8%

Price increases in Tel Aviv at the start of the trading week, the Tel Aviv 35 index rises by 0.8%, the Tel Aviv 90 index strengthens by 1.6%. Bank shares are confirmed with an increase of 1% after losing 8% in the past week.

Shichiko Vebinui stands out for the better with a jump of 14% after yesterday announcing an agreement to sell a subsidiary’s stake in a toll road project in Houston, Texas. After the sharp declines, the market is optimistic that the sale will bring in a short-term flow and as a result the company’s bonds are also recovering with adequate rate increases.

Cellcom, Partner continue the negative momentum from last week and lose another 1.5% QA. Bezeq is also down about 1%. Carso Motors and Apollo Power stand out positively with increases of 6% and 6.8% respectively.


The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is expected to open the trading week with a positive trend in the leading indices following the increases on Wall Street. The arbitrage on the market is only 0.3%, but the positive trend is expected to infect the bank shares that will try to recover after a particularly negative week in which approximately 8% of their value was lost. The real estate index is also able to recover after dropping 5.5% last week.

The large Aberbearerz shares did not come with significant gaps and their effect on the market is a 0.3% increase in the Tel Aviv 35 index. Positively stands out from the large shares ACL and Enlight which returned with a positive gap of 1.4% while Teva returned with a negative gap of 0.4% .

Forsyth returned with a negative gap of about 13.5%, while Fleury returned with a positive gap of about 13%, Bernmiller with a positive gap of 10.5% and Leonardo Diaras with about 7%.


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