The reason for the length of the ‘tiger’ is the real shortbread; Instruction to the Censor Board for inspection

The High Court directed the Censor Board to look into the matter in a petition filed by Jose Kuruvinakunnel, a planter and Kerala Congress (J) leader from Pala, alleging that the release of Prithviraj starrer ‘Tiger’ in its current form would defame him and his family.

Harjikan says that he is known as Kuruvinakkunnel Kuruvachan and in the movie he played the lead role of Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan. The film mixes the real events of his life with the fake ones. The audience will think that the fake scenes also actually happened in his life. He said in the petition that this would harm his privacy and dignity.

This is the first time that the censor board has had to intervene in a decision to ban the film

The case was started by Jose Kuruvinakunnel, a Kuruvachan, who complained that the upcoming film titled ‘Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan’ was based on his life story. However, screenwriter Jinu Abraham explained that the film is not Kuruvachan’s story but a fictional character. After a long legal battle, the cast and crew of the film got permission in court to change the name of the film and start shooting under the name ‘Tiger’.

Kuruvachan later responded that he would not allow the film to be shown even if filming was completed. The film, which has been shooting for a long time, is all set to release on the 30th of this month. ” The re-release has been postponed to next week due to some unpredictable circumstances. Fans, theater owners and distributors should apologize, “Prithviraj said.

Jose Kuruvinakunnel says that he will not release the film if he finds any similarities with his life and that he will go to great lengths to do so.

Following are excerpts from an interview with Jose Kuruvinakkunnel Manorama Online at the beginning of the case:

Not allowed on display: Jose Kuruvinakkunnel

It is learned that Suresh Gopi’s film (Ottakompan) and Prithviraj’s film are based on his life story. He had filed a case in the court saying that he wanted to see the script of both the films. I read the story of the movie Tiger starring Prithviraj, but it tries to distort my life story context. It is unacceptable to distort my real life story contexts. Things that have happened in my life have been revealed in writing before the courts, including the Supreme Court.

It is learned that its activists are moving ahead with the film ‘Tiger’. It has also been learned that the shoot is about to start. But without my consent, the film will not be able to complete if I go ahead with the process of filming the story that sticks with my life. Even if the movie is over, I will not allow it to reach the theaters. Steps have been taken to officially collect the script from the court. With my permission, the YouTube channel ‘Gangs of Kino’ is filming my biography in eight episodes. Its name is ‘Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan’. No one will be allowed to film my story without my permission. The matter has been discussed with the lawyers.


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