Former New Zealand cricketer and commentator Simon Dowl has blamed the loss of Dhoni’s loyalty on the fact that Suresh Raina was ignored by the Chennai team in the IPL mega auction for the 15th season.

The mega auction to buy players for the 15th IPL season has been successfully held in Bangalore. While many of the young players in the auction were bid for good prices, the fact that players like Australia captain Aaron Finch and Steve Smith, who won the 2021 T20 World Cup, did not go up in price at the auction surprised fans. In particular, the star player of India Suresh Raina, the team did not come forward to buy in this auction, including Chennai has shocked the fans.

This is because he has been playing for the Chennai Super Kings since 2008 and has achieved many feats by tackling the ball of the opposing bowlers as an assault. Thus the fans called him Mr. IPL and Chinna Thala. However Raina has been in poor form in the IPL series for the last 2 years.


However, Suresh Raina, a long-time member of the four-time champions Chennai team, has been instrumental in the team’s many victories in IPL history. Chennai fans are skeptical that at least that would have taken him at a basic price. ‘Miss Raina’ is being posted on social media pages.

In this case, the IPL. Former New Zealand cricketer and commentator Simon Dowl has revealed the real reason why the Chennai team management did not buy Suresh Raina in the 2022 series. Speaking on the popular Cricketbus website, he said, “It consists of 2-3 parts. Raina lost his allegiance to the Chennai team, especially in the IPL series in the United Arab Emirates.

There is no need to talk in detail about the reason for that. No need to talk about why that happened. There are many reasons to guess why he lost his faith at that moment. More than all of them, he lost his allegiance to Dhoni and the team at that moment. After you have done such an act, most likely no one will welcome you back heartily. As well as he is currently without full physical fitness and is afraid of short ball balls.


Raina, who has not played in international tournaments for a long time, has a high base price for his lack of fitness. So no one would hesitate to spend so much money. The base price is too high. He is undoubtedly the best player in the IPL. But who was the leader in the first 8-9 years, who would bid so much if he was not on the farm now. ”

Chennai Raina’s key player Suresh Raina left the Chennai team before the start of the 2020 IPL series in Dubai and abruptly withdrew halfway through. The Chennai team suffered an unprecedented defeat that season. Eventually, for the first time in history, the team was humiliated for not being able to even make the play-off round, finishing 7th on the points table and being relegated to the worst place.

Suresh Raina was expected to join Chennai at least halfway through the series, but he skipped the series until the last. Raina was also ruled out of some matches last year due to injury and poor form. Simon Dowell has said that the Chennai team management, which was already dissatisfied with the incident in 2020, has not taken him up for auction at present, citing his poor form.

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