The rebel star reveals live that his uncle Topaz is dead

The influence of Dodo Topaz on Israeli culture, for better or for worse, is difficult to quantify and even 13 years after the affair starring him and his suicide, he is still present in the discourse. But it turns out that the discourse is not limited only to Israelis.

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This week Argentinian actor Filpe Combo, the star of the mythological series “The Rebels” that captivated the girls of Israel in the early 2000’s (and even got a remake on Netflix) did a live show. Colombo recalled one of his visits to Israel, when he was a guest on Topaz’s show and shared an old still image from that hosting. When surfers wrote to him that Topaz committed suicide a few years later, he reacted with shock.

“Uncle Tepez committed suicide? What the hell? How?” responded the shocked star, in a particularly late response to that tragic story. There is no doubt that no one can remain indifferent to Topaz’s life and actions.


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