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On the day of his third testimony, the state witness in the Netanyahu cases, Nir Hefetz, went on to describe the abnormal and complete response of the Walla! To Netanyahu’s demands. Hefetz stressed that on the eve of the election, the website was extremely important, said how worried Netanyahu was ahead of the 2015 election, how he recorded three takes of the video “The Arabs are moving to the polls” that woke up the area and may have led to the election victory.

This video went up on the Walla website to the headline for hours. Hefetz described how Netanyahu sat with an erasable board and wrote published headlines. How he ran the campaign himself, how the Walla website was submissive to every demand. “I’m next to Netanyahu, these are messages that Netanyahu formulates, he dictates to me and I type,” Hefetz said, “I may give a title but nothing comes out without him seeing and approving. “Elowitz. Walla these days was simply mobilized for Netanyahu’s victory in the election. I do not want to say Walla, but Elowitz and salvation.”

Hefetz recorded them all. His co-workers, his personal friends, his employers, their families. It was important for him today to make it clear that he never consciously recorded Netanyahu. Sometimes the absorption app, sometimes Netanyahu came up in a conversation with his family, an object was justified. It was clear from his remarks that it was difficult for him to want to run the recording factory.

In the hall, a conversation was played between Hefetz and Netanyahu and his son Yair, a wave of gossip related to a sensitive issue related to Yair Netanyahu. Yair demanded that Walla publish a clarification on the matter a month and a half after the publication of an item that was vaguely worded, and Netanyahu Jr. feared that they would link to it.

Yair Netanyahu: “Nir, say, I want to ask you what’s going on with Walla?”

Nir Hefetz: “Wow, he insists that whatever it does, it’s just …”

Yair Netanyahu: “What insolence! You know what? Tell him, so I’m taking here … that it’s just going to do and hurt us, so I’m willing to take the risk that it’s hurting us.

Nir Hefetz: “Okay”

Yair Netanyahu: “The whole country is talking about it and taking this story on Walla as proof. They will not tell me what is good for me. Let him not confuse the mind. Let him say I want to fuck you, no problem, then we go to war with Walla, and Shaul Elowitz knows, oh- “Kay, you opened a front with us and you, Noni Mozes, for us, Sabba … that’s what he wants, Sabba is what it will be.”

Yair Netanyahu: “Talk to Shaul directly”

Nir Hefetz: “Okay, I’ll talk to Shaul”

Yair Netanyahu: “Not with this CEO. Say, your CEO is not ready, he is causing me problems, I ask you in every language of request, you did without … indirectly without … “

Nir Hefetz: “Do you want me to send you Saul’s cell phone and text him?”

Yair Netanyahu: “I do not know if I can talk to him directly”

Nir Hefetz: “No, it’s better not to leave. Do not talk to him, not good, not good”

Yair Netanyahu: “Listen, if there is no choice, I’ll talk to him directly. You know what? I’ll ask my mother, she’s in front of me here, wait a second, I’ll ask her …”

The court rightly remarked that Netanyahu’s intervention in a personal matter related to his son was legitimate and reasonable. The prosecution does not argue but claims that Netanyahu’s tone betrays the fact that he believes that Elowitz owes him and is afraid of him, unlike other media. “Is Shaul arguing?” Netanyahu asks. Then an object, and in real time, clarifies what the difference is between “The Marker” and Ask. Saul, you can understand, worked for them.

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Benjamin Netanyahu: “Yair … ahh Nir.”

Nir Hefetz: “Yes Yes”.

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Two things need to be addressed here: one is Elovich. Why did you not tell me he did nothing? That he refused you to take it down?”

Nir Hefetz: “Ahh arguing what is called, yes he is …”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Who is this ?! He’s arguing ?!”

Nir Hefetz: “Listen…”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “How come you do not come back to me ?!”

Nir Hefetz: “Listen, I’ve both talked to him and talked to his CEO.”

Yair Netanyahu: “No, he told me that I knew, I forgot to tell you.”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “How come you do not tell me such a thing I … should tell him to say it’s not us. Let him say it’s someone else not us.”

Nir Hefetz: “Okay”.

Yair Netanyahu: “Clarification needs to be made.”

Nir Hefetz: “Obviously”.

Benjamin Netanyahu: “How do you leave such a thing !? My God you know, I was sure you downloaded it. You know what? It’s not enough to download. He now has to say it is not …”

Yair Netanyahu: “The article itself in Walla cannot be downloaded. It has nothing to do with us.”

Nir Hefetz: “No there’s nothing to take it down, it’s been a month and a half lying”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “He needs to make it clear that it’s not us it’s everything.”

Nir Hefetz: “It was a long time before they (The Marker) agreed to take it down and for them they went one step towards me so okay.”

Yair Netanyahu: “what?!”

Nir Hefetz: “Yes Yes”

Yair Netanyahu: (Laughs out loud)

Nir Hefetz: “You can sue them until tomorrow. You’ll have another five years to find out with them in court. They do not have to. Now The Marker …”

Yair Netanyahu: “how do you know?”

Nir Hefetz: “The marker is not Saul they are not afraid of you, they are not afraid of you”

Yair Netanyahu: “What do you mean? There is a limit that can not be revealed like this.”

Nir Hefetz: “Yair, they are not counting anyone. Neither a prime minister nor a son of a prime minister. This is the marker. What can I do?”

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