the records Novak Djokovic can still break

the records Novak Djokovic can still break

2023-09-11 15:43:11

Winner on Sunday September 10 at the US Open for the fourth time, Novak Djokovic equaled the absolute record of 24 Grand Slam titles, held by Australian Margaret Court since the 1973 US Open.

Among the men, the Serbian is now two lengths ahead of Rafael Nadal and four ahead of Roger Federer. But, at 36 years old, he still has several records to beat.

► Titles in the same Grand Slam tournament

With his four successes in New York, Novak Djokovic remains less successful than Roger Federer, Pete Sampras and Jimmy Connors at the US Open (five titles each). Seven times winner at Wimbledon, he also remains one length behind Roger Federer. At Roland-Garros, the gap with Rafael Nadal took on the appearance of an abyss (14 titles for Nadal, 3 for Djokovic in Paris).

► Grand Slam matches won

With 361 Grand Slam matches won in total, Novak Djokovic remains behind Roger Federer (369). He is also behind the Swiss in the US Open alone (88 against 89), the record belonging to Jimmy Connors (98). He won 91 at Wimbledon where the record is also owned by Roger Federer (105). At Roland Garros, he is second behind Rafael Nadal (92 against 112).

► Tournaments won on the circuit

Novak Djokovic has won 96 tournaments on the main circuit. This is less than Roger Federer (103) and Jimmy Connors (109).

► Matches won on the circuit

Novak Djokovic has won 1,076 matches on the professional circuit. Here too, Jimmy Connors (1,274) and Roger Federer (1,251) did better.

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► The oldest Grand Slam winner

At 36 years and 111 days, Novak Djokovic became the oldest winner of the US Open in the Open era (since 1968), ahead of Australian Ken Rosewall who was 35 in 1970. But the oldest winner in Grand Slam, all tournaments combined, remains Ken Rosewall who was 37 years and 2 months at the 1972 Australian Open.

► The oldest at the top of the world ranking

Having become world number one again at the US Open, Novak Djokovic holds the record for the number of weeks spent in this position in singles, men and women combined (390).

Roger Federer did better for the number of consecutive weeks as number one (237 weeks between 2004 and 2008). A record which seems unsurpassable for the Serb given his age. But Novak Djokovic can hope to overtake Roger Federer as the oldest player to top the ATP rankings (36 years, 10 months and 10 days in 2018).

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