the Recovery Plan is a priority for the government and the country – The recovery plan “certainly represents a priority for the government, for the country and obviously for the Ministry of Economy and Finance “. This was emphasized by the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, during the hearing in the joint committees on Budget, Finance and EU Policies of the Senate and the Chamber on the proposal for a National Recovery and Resilience Plan. “This”, he added, “is a first meeting and I hope it will be the beginning of a lasting and intense dialogue because we have before us a path that will be very fast and intense and I believe that we must interact closely”.

According to Franco, “the Next Generation Eu is a very important historical step in the European construction process and it is a step forward in building a common budget. “The resources, he said,” will be available at the end of the summer. “

The document that Italy is preparing, the minister noted, “it must have ambitious but also credible and detailed contentsi “. It is necessary, he observed,” a change of pace in the way of using the resources that the EU has made available in the past also with reference to the European structural funds “.

The government, Franco continued, “is committed to strengthening” the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. “It is necessary to strengthen some parts of the existing plan “, he continued,” also including a chapter that prepares governance and calibrates projects on fully available resources. Finally, some projects are not yet fully outlined and must be completed “. A job that must be done quickly.”We have less than two months to finalize the Plan and for this reason the definition cannot suffer setbacks “, concluded the minister.


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