“The removal of Gayatri has nothing to do with the Surya issue; The reason for his dismissal is different…” – Narayanan Tirupati

BJP’s Trichy Surya’s conversation with Daisy, a minority member of the party, went viral a few days ago. BJP state president Annamalai expelled Gayathri Raghuram from the party who had expressed the opinion that Tiruchi Surya should be expelled from the party in this matter. As this issue has caused controversy, we raised questions to BJP Vice President Narayanan Tirupathi regarding this. Here are his quick answers to our questions:

“For the past few days, the media has been spreading false information that Gayathri was suspended only because of the Suriya issue. It has nothing to do with her dismissal. She has been suspended because of her past activities. She had given unwanted comments, especially regarding the Kashi Tamil Sangam. She was not invited there,” he said. He had also commented in public that he was being ignored. This action was taken as it brought disrepute to the party. The action taken against him had nothing to do with the Surya case. It is widely being said that he was suspended for that as both took place on the same day.

This is very wrong information and has nothing to do with the issue of Gayatri’s removal. The media should first understand this clearly and comment. That and this should not be confused. It is only because both happened on the same day that it has become so much hyped. Had it happened on any other day it would not have been so important. Even when unknown people respond, he goes there and answers their questions and posts. The party may have thought this unnecessary. This action may have been taken because of that.

So the party has a position on the basis of which one’s activity should be. There is a need to take such action when it is violated. That is what the party is doing now. President Annamalai also confirmed it. How can people who hold key positions in a party accept this kind of party control. If the people in charge violate it, how will the leadership look after it? That is why this step has been taken,” he said.


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