The renewal of Xavi by Barcelona stalls due to an economic issue

The renewal of Xavi by Barcelona stalls due to an economic issue

2023-06-09 08:43:01

The new season begins with the handicap of the non-return of Messi. For his part, John Laporta I affirm that Xavi Hernandez I was going to continue in the project FC Barcelona because he has a contract until 2024 and, in addition, he wants to renew it for a longer time. El Larguero de la Cadena Ser reports that the positions between the club and the coach are somewhat distant. The coach asks for an amount close to 12 million euros net per season and, if we also count his staff, he shoots up to 30 million. Up to now, Barça is not planning to pay for this.

“I am very happy because I do what I want, I am where I want to be. I have a family and two children who are a treasure. I am at Barça as a coach, it is what makes me the happiest. We are planning, I am very excited to be able to compete in the next year for all the titles. We have to go one step further, and reinforce ourselves very well. We are in a very difficult economic situation, a lot. We have inherited a very tough ‘fair play’ situation. We’ll see what the objective is, but I’m excited to be able to reinforce ourselves very well and compete for all the titles, not only the local ones but to be able to compete for the ‘Champions'”, Xavi said a few weeks ago.

Laporta himself also acknowledged months ago that he was delighted with the coach. “Xavi’s renewal? I have already considered it, even if LaLiga is not won. I have told Xavibut he insists that if we don’t win… No, I want to give him a reassuring message. It is necessary to renew him because he played it, he knows the house and defends the genuine style of Barça. It doesn’t make you stretch your arm more than the sleeve. He doesn’t ask us for crazy things and he understands the club’s situation. In fact, I’ve already thought about it. I had not commented on it with my teammates, but it is like that,” said the Blaugrana president.

One of the curiosities is that Laporta offered Xavi the renewal after losing against Madrid. “I think the president has made a gesture that honors him, the president is very generous, he is a very generous uncle, he is an uncle who is also very close to us, to the staff and grateful, grateful, first that he signed me, that gave me confidence and then when things have not gone so well, that confidence has doubled and that means a lot to me and to the staff and the president had the gesture of when we lost the semifinal of the Cup 0-4 against Madrid At home he came and told me I want you to renew, I want you to be the coach of my mandate. I am grateful and we are working on it, I think that sooner rather than later we will agree,” he settled.

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