The resident of the north offered the girl a ride and committed a sexual offense on her

A resident of the northern area committed a sodomy act in the forest near the Bar Lev intersection, on a 17-year-old girl resident of the area who he picked up in his car: the suspect was arrested and a prosecutor’s statement was filed against him yesterday

Investigators of the Western Galilee station began an investigation about 3 weeks ago upon receiving a complaint from a resident of a settlement in the northern region regarding an act of sodomy committed there by a man who picked her up in his car.

The investigation of the event reveals that the 17-year-old girl, a resident of one of the northern settlements, stopped hitchhiking from Karmiel to the Kfar Yasif intersection. The suspect, a 62-year-old resident of the area, gave her a ride and she got into his car.

During the trip, the suspect veered off with his vehicle into the woods near the Bar Lev intersection, where he performed a sodomy act on the girl and drove away.

At the end of a strenuous investigation that was conducted with sensitivity, the investigators of the Western Galilee station revealed the identity of the suspect and on 9/14/22 arrested him for questioning at the police station.

The suspect’s detention has been extended from time to time and yesterday, the Haifa District Attorney’s Office filed a prosecutor’s statement against the suspect, and in the coming days an indictment will be filed against him and a request for his detention until the end of the proceedings to the Haifa District Court.

In accordance with the provisions of the law, the identity of the victim and any detail that may lead to her identification as a victim of a crime are prohibited

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