The resignation of Zingaretti and Salvini’s projects

Extraordinary, the chronicles do not report in these days only the first fruits of a tenant in Palazzo Chigi coveted by European heads of state to visit it first (Emmanuel Macron in pole position), or the armed forces finally in the field for the anti vaccination campaign Covid. There is also a half Copernican revolution among the Italian parties which, progressively, are metabolizing like after the government Draghi 1, nothing will be the same for them too.

Only six months ago how many would have bet, in order, on Nicola’s resignation Gypsies after such a determined internal revolt in the Democratic Party? On the shuffling of the cards that could bring the Renzians back to the top of the Nazarene? Or in the transformation of the League into a central and more centrist asset in the Italian and European chessboard? Or in the progressive decomposition of the M5s, no longer because of the ambitions of the single leaders, but because of a natural parable that has weakened offices and sequels?

A risk, articulated, complex, certainly whispered in the days preceding the end of the year and of the Conte 2 government. But which has now undergone a sudden acceleration, which brings with it consequences and balances that will have a specific, not secondary, weight. from here to the next elections, administrative and political. If only because, since the parties have much more time to devote to internal structuring, given that on the main dossiers such as Recovery e vaccini Draghi will go independently with the small group of super technicians, the leaders will have the opportunity to untie knots and aim for new goals. Pd and Lega are currently experiencing the most significant telluric movements.

The Zingaretti secretariat was considered in terms of “stability, consistency and return to the company” right from the start. Those were the days of exactly two years ago, when a turnout exceeding expectations, especially in large urban centers, allowed the governor of Lazio to win on Martina and Giachetti. Walter Veltroni defined that turnout as “primary signal of light in the dark”. The darkness, however, wanting to paraphrase that reflection, was there not only in the management of the government crisis by Zingaretti, but above all before: or in the weak posture of the Democratic Party on strategic issues, such as Recovery and vaccination campaign, without forgetting the prescription.

A weakness that today the opponents of the secretary are decisively reporting on the table, as proven proof of a negative result. Not only Stefano Bonaccini, governor of Emilia Romagna, but also other local administrators could pick up the baton from Zingaretti to imagine a new team of the Democratic Party: Antonio By Caro, president of the mayors and mayor of Bari, or Giorgio Burning first citizen of Bergamo. The knots are not personal but will focus on the posture of the party, that is: to decide definitively on the modus of the relationship with the M5s, also in the light of its internal evolution, given that the Count-effect on the grillini will have to be verified; rewrite ideas and motions on issues in which Grillo has been left needle and thread up to now, such as justice, international relations, immigration, welfare assistance to be transformed into “good debt” actions.

There are nodes and there will also be in the League, where Matteo Salvini it does not have a leadership problem in the short-medium term but of strategy and alliances. We do not see a change in leadership on the horizon, at least for now. However, there is: the issue of post-release European positioning of Orban from the EPP where someone would like to bring together the League; the theme given by the doubts about Dept. and on the lepenist group in which many struggle to live together; and that relating to the will to proceed in the Tatarelli manner with the construction of a right-wing government that governs stably.

Alliances in the coalition will need to be recalibrated, since in the territories they govern together with Brothers of Italy by Giorgia Meloni (on the rise) and Forza Italia (on the descent) by a tired but always determined Silvio Berlusconi: but last year some candidacies for all did not prove successful (Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Puglia), helping to open an internal debate on the choice of names.

Finally, it will be necessary to take stock, obviously not now but later, of the programmatic and strategic seeds planted by Giorgetti. If they bear some fruit such as the “refreshment”(Organic and not just a few months of suffering) to the productive classes that represent the bulk of the Northern League electorate, then the road taken will probably be without return. On the contrary, it will be necessary to look at the rear-view mirror, where a possible overtaking of the Brothers of Italy would not be an unlikely hypothesis.



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