The resigning CEO of Solel Boneh, the resigning Ehud Danoch, is moving to Ackerstein

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A day after the infrastructure and real estate group

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Reported on the resignation of No. 2 in the company, Ehud Danoch, CEO of Solel and Boneh, now the reason is revealed.

Ackerstein Group

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Announcer: He is coming to us. Danoch will be appointed CEO of the subsidiary (100%) Ackerstein Industries.

Danoch (52), has served as CEO of Solel Boneh since 2016, before that he served for 4 years as CEO of Shaham, a subsidiary of the national water company Mekorot, which also manages and establishes infrastructure projects.

Giora Ackerstein, Group Chairman: “Danoch’s joining is an important stone in our strategy to deepen the group’s engineering sector and enter other areas in the world of infrastructure, while further strengthening and consolidating industrial activity in Israel and the US and establishing our position in the production and supply of concrete products for environmental development, construction and infrastructure. Israel is facing a wave of significant investments. In establishing new infrastructure alongside replacing existing infrastructure. ”

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