The Resistance: India Martinez’s new ‘recadite’ to the donostiar who called her ‘supreme dog’

India Martínez, in The Resistance by David Broncano.

The Andalusian singer was last night at La Resistencia, where she talked about her new album. India Martínez did not forget the Internet user who insulted her on social networks

ines rodriguez

India Martínez showed her most authentic side in La Resistencia. The singer, extroverted and without mincing words, attended the late night hosted by David Broncano to present her latest album, ‘Nuestro mundo’, in which she has been encouraged to try genres such as bachata. But not only did he talk about it, but India Martínez also had time to enter the stage on a zip line, take a ‘sexy’ photo with David Broncano himself and… even make a proposition: that the presenter be the star of his next video clip.

The interview with India Martinez in La Resistencia gave a lot of itself, with some surreal moments and more than one situation in which the artist displayed all her naturalness and dispatched herself at ease. One of the most commented was when David Broncano asked her when was the last time she had insulted someone. The guest answered calmly, openly, convinced that it is not something she is used to doing on the internet.

“I don’t usually insult. I am very good people… The last insult I said was ‘clown’, because they called it me. I never answer but a girl wrote saying that I was an uneducated, clown… and I told her: You clown! She didn’t expect it. Many times she bounces you, because you ask yourself: why me? What have I done to you?

India Martínez remembers the San Sebastian player

It was then that India Martínez pulled from memory and remembered the man from San Sebastian who, a little over a month ago, turned all his anger into a fierce and insulting criticism of India Martínez herself. “Little class and supreme war,” snapped the Internet user, who responded to the initials UA and who, after receiving an avalanche of reactions to his insulting comment, ended up closing his Twitter account.

India Martínez explodes at the insults of a San Sebastian:

“There was one that I also answered,” India Martínez continued. I uploaded a photo in a bikini, because I was at the beach, it was my birthday. 37 years… What’s wrong, because I’m 37 years old, I can’t take a photo in a bikini without anyone calling me a whore, a slut, etc.? “, the Cordovan singer wondered, referring to the derogatory message from the San Sebastián . The artist did not end her reflection there. “Why? I can’t teach anymore? No, you in your house to have children, but, man… what are you doing? She wrote it to me and called me the ‘ultimate slut’ for posting a bikini pic. And that was the least of it…”, India Martínez snapped.

David Broncano: “Tremendous retard”

David Brocano agreed and did not hesitate to support the Andalusian singer: “Tremendous retard,” he said, before asking: “And what did you tell him?” India Martínez was very comfortable with her response: “I told her that if she said it to my face on the street, I would give her two ostias.” The audience of La Resistencia burst into laughter and gave her a loud applause for her reaction.

India Martínez:

All in all, India Martínez wanted to make it clear that it is not something she usually does and that beautiful things tend to compensate for this type of insult on the Internet. Without going any further, she recalled the case of a girl who was hospitalized in Córdoba, waiting for a lung.

“I had no desire to live. The desperate doctors wrote to me and asked if I could send them a video. What video! I’m going there right now – exclaimed the artist -. I went to see her, I told her to keep fighting and I told her that if she followed all her instructions and got better in the summer, she would come to a concert with me. That’s how it was, and this summer we sang together, “she recalled. The public of La Resistencia, of course, burst into applause for the beautiful gesture of the singer.


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