The revocation of the post of the trade unionist accused of being Azzolina’s stalker – Revocation of the assignment of Pasquale Vespa: the trade unionist and leader of precarious teachers lasted only two days as collaborator of the Undersecretary for Education, the Northern League player Rossano Sasso.

Former minister Lucia Azzolina, who sued him for defamation and threats, raised the case and was immediately heard by the minister in charge, Patrizio Bianchi, who asked Sasso to carefully evaluate the appropriateness of this appointment. In response came the willingness of Vespa to suspend, waiting to clarify its position. Consequently Bianchi has given a mandate to the administration to proceed with the revocation of the assignment.

“I thank Minister Bianchi for the decision to revoke the appointment of Pasquale Vespa – wrote Azzolina – He did the right thing. Allowing Undersecretary Sasso, with responsibility for cyberbullying, to hire from the Ministry of Education the person who has threatened me for years – and who is on trial for this – would have been a terrible signal for the school community itself. It is not only with norms, but also with examples and behaviors, that schools can be helped to train young people in respect and tolerance. In these hours I have received affection and solidarity from all the M5s, but also from Pd and Leu, whom I thank. On the other hand, we regret that Undersecretary Sasso has not understood the gravity of the matter and insists on defending the indefensible “.

Sasso, just yesterday, wrote on Facebook that he did not think at all about replacing his collaborator, a precarious professor from Campania and UIL trade unionist that in the last regional elections in Campania he had stood as a candidate with the center-right. “The Honorable Azzolina – the undersecretary had denounced – is not new to attacks against teachers and school principals who have expressed dissent against his policies, and Pasquale Vespa is a symbol of the rights of the weakest workers, he has fought hard battles and uncomfortable and now you would like to pass him off as a stalker. “

But the former minister revealed that “Pasquale Vespa has spent the last two years of his life publicly insulting me, fomenting verbal assaults and sexual innuendo. Threatening me with death. A cyberbully, in all respects“.
The man had even created a hashtag against her “Boccarouge, and gave her heavy nicknames.” He tried to hide the contents by removing them from his pages, this did not prevent him from being charged in a trial that will begin shortly. But it is not a question of legality. Or, at least, not only – observed Azzolina – it is a question of opportunity and civilization. This gentleman in the evening vents his sexual instincts on mouths and red lipsticks and threatens to kill a government exponent, the next morning he introduces himself as an ‘educator’ at school, where other values ​​should be taught, first of all respect and tolerance “.



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