The ridiculous consideration that the defendant in the spy house in Gantz planned to ask the Iranians

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Omri Goren, who worked at Minister Gantz’s house and was charged with espionage this week, intended to ask the hacker group “Black Shadow” with whom he contacted him, only $ 7,000. This was reported in ‘Ulpan Shishi’ in News 12.

In addition, following the omission that led to Goren being accepted to work at the senior minister’s home in general, it is possible that personal conclusions will be drawn towards members of the GSS. – so

The report states that Goren located the address of a representative of the Black Shadow group through the Telegram app, contacted him under a false identity and introduced himself as someone who works for the Israeli Minister of Defense, noting that he could help the group in various ways.

He added that for a sum of money he would be able to transfer information from home and even suggested that a “computer worm” be transferred to him, and that he plant it in the minister’s computer.

In a GSS investigation into the serious affair, a chain of failures was discovered: Unit 730, the GSS personal security unit, is the one responsible for security around Ganz – and they were the ones who were supposed to identify and map all the people around him inside his house. From them, the stick goes to the “Security Filtering” brigade – one of the most sensitive units in the GSS, which is responsible for gathering intelligence and interrogating people – and they are the ones who have to give the final confirmation: whether that person can be in the secure personality environment or not.

Apparently the treatment of the same Omri Goren “fell between the chairs” between Unit 730 and the Sensitive Brigade – which led to a situation in which he did not undergo any security interrogation before he began working at the Defense Minister’s home.

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The GSS responded to Ulpan Shishi: “Since the failure became known, the GSS has been conducting a chain of investigations that are being conducted at the highest levels. The service is not satisfied with ‘failure in the work of the individual’ but examines in depth the diagnostic processes for professionals in order to prevent such cases in the future.

“The case comparisons of an organization that thwarts hundreds of terrorist attacks a year, and whose people secure the country’s leaders day and night, for historical past affair, are irrelevant and blame an entire organization.”

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