At the end of May, Aeroxo filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles – Izhevsk LLC Unmanned Systems (BS) with the Udmurtia Arbitration Court, it follows from the file of arbitration cases. Aerokso demands to ban the use of its technology without purchasing a license, which means a ban on the production, advertising and sale of the unmanned Supercam SX200H convertible aircraft, created by BS. In the development of this aircraft, a patent registered in 2018 is illegally used, according to the statement of claim, which Vedomosti read.

A tiltrotor can take off vertically, like a helicopter, then the nacelles with propellers and engines rotate 90 degrees, and the car flies horizontally, like an airplane: the wings provide lift. The patented “Aeroxo” device differs in that each propulsion group contains two engines, is placed with the ability to rotate at the end of each of the four wings and is made in the form of a nacelle with pulling and pushing screws, follows from the statement of claim.


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