The “Russian dog that can launch anti-tank missiles” was revealed to be a Chinese robot sold online

A robot named according to the Russians “M-81” was presented at the changing weapons exhibition taking place between August 15 and 22, which is organized and led by the Russian Ministry of Defense. This is one of the most important and largest arms exhibitions in Russia, and as every year it opened with a speech by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

This year, the same robot carrying an RPG-26 rocket was presented at the exhibition, held in the Patriot Park outside Moscow. In the demonstration footage, the “robotic dog” can be seen walking back and forth or sitting, before moving towards the exhibition participants.

There is no doubt that it can carry the launcher, but an unclear rule with the tool can independently direct it to the target, and if so, is it able to handle the recoil of the launch. Although in this case it is a system with a small recoil.

The truth about the “anti-tank dog”

As mentioned, the Chinese robot is completely covered in black fabric which is supposedly intended to change its tactical form, perhaps also to present a more threatening appearance. However, experts in the world who watched the videos, actually estimate that the purpose of the black cloth is to hide the origin of the robot, as mentioned from a civilian website for online purchase at a price of 3,700 per unit. This while the Russian manufacturer presents it as an independent local development.

This did not stop the developers from telling the Russian media that their deadly robot was developed using advanced means. Nor is it capable of patrolling difficult and dangerous areas, operating even lighter weapon systems such as machine guns and being fascinating in all sorts of ways. They even knew how to tell that they developed a robot that imitates real animals in the wild, their dynamics, ability to move and survive.

Weapon-carrying robots can fulfill a wide range of military tasks, for example securing bases, borders and strategic installations. Something that is already happening today. A military force can also send them to short ranges while active.

However, the way the Russians presented their development raises many questions, both in terms of attack capability and the claim of almost autonomous operation. It is highly doubtful that the “Russian” robot presented at the exhibition will fulfill tasks within the Russian army and in general.

Many abilities were attributed to him, in practice there is a great doubt. the robot | Photo: RIA Novosti


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