The Russian Orthodox Church urged to introduce fines for the lack of QR codes

Russia will sooner or later come to quarantine measures against the coronavirus pandemic with QR codes and fines for their absence, said Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk (Alfeev), chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations.

According to the Metropolitan, the sooner such a system starts working in the country, the better.

“Because every day we lose a thousand people – it’s the same as if in a war we were losing a regiment every day. With such a mortality rate, I think that we can talk about a nationwide catastrophe, “- said the Metropolitan in the program” Church and Peace “on the TV channel” Russia 24 “(quoted by RIA Novosti).

Earlier, Metropolitan Hilarion advised Russians to get vaccinated against coronavirus as soon as possible. He added that the possible side effects of receiving the vaccine cannot be compared with the suffering that a sick person undergoes.

Patriarch Kirill called the coronavirus pandemic “the last call” for humanity.

“This is a very strong and maybe even the last call for all of us. A call, a signal from the Lord himself so that we really learn to think differently, treat our daily duties differently, learn … to think about the main thing – about the salvation of the soul, ”said the patriarch.



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