The Russian Paralympic Committee will not be able to appeal to CAS the removal of Russians from the Paralympics

The Russian Paralympic Committee announced that it had studied the decision of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), which suspended the Russians from participating in the 2022 Paralympics, and concluded that it would not be able to appeal it to CAS. This is not allowed by the rules of the IPC.

“Unfortunately, this is prevented by Article 2.9 of the Paralympic Games section of the IPC Rules, according to which the IPC “may, in its sole discretion, at any time refuse to participate in any athlete without giving reasons”, and the lack of an arbitration clause in the IPC constitution allowing the RPC contact CAS to resolve differences, ”the RPC said in a release.

The committee noted that they reserve the right to apply to the appropriate international and national courts, and also ask for help from the World Union of Disabled Persons and the International Organization for Rehabilitation.

The release also says that the RPC does not consider it expedient to continue the stay of Russian Paralympic athletes in Beijing, they will soon return to their homeland.

The International Paralympic Committee has decided to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in the tournament. This decision is due to the fact that the Russian army is conducting a military operation on the territory of Ukraine, allegedly with the support of Belarus.

For more details, see Kommersant’s article “Paralympic athletes survived a couple of decisions.”


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