The Russians took a record amount of microloans

In the fourth quarter of 2021, the Russians took out 11.2 million microloans for 150.9 billion rubles, RBC reported, citing statistics from the Mir self-regulatory organization. The indicator became a record. In annual terms, the indicator increased by 117.9% – the largest increase since 2019. The volume of new microloans increased by 85.1% in annual terms.

According to the organization, the portfolio of microloans to individuals increased by 47.1% over the year and reached 234.1 billion rubles. The main growth was recorded in the last quarter of the year – the volume of people’s debt on loans increased by 12.3%.

The organization noted that the number of active loan agreements at the end of last year was more than 15.2 million. In 2021, their number increased by 1.5 times, by more than 5 million pieces. In total, in 2021, Russians took out 35.7 million new microloans for 472.5 billion rubles. – 70% and 77% more than in 2020. At the same time, online issuance of microloans almost tripled – their share on average for the year amounted to 80.4% of the total number of loans.

Andrei Ponomarev, CEO of the online financial platform Webbankir, explained to the publication that the volume of microloans has increased due to high demand from the population, whose incomes do not keep up with inflation. The indicator also increased due to the popularity and convenience of online lending services. Roman Makarov, General Director of IFC Zaimer, noted that the issuance of microloans increased due to the strengthening of the positions of the largest players and the flow of bank customers.


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