The Ryanair workforce is still on strike at the height of the summer: “We will continue until the company sits down to negotiate”

Ryanair passengers at Girona airport, in an archive image

Ryanair’s workforce resumed this Monday vacancy to claim better ones working conditions. At the height of the summer season at El Prat airport, the shutdown has resulted in four new cancellations of flights to Milan and Rome from Barcelona. At Girona airport, on the other hand, no new cases have been registered. “We will continue on strike until the company decides to sit down to negotiate,” the spokeswoman for the USO union warned the company, Monica Ortega, in statements to the press. As he has acknowledged, the terminal is being the most affected by the stoppages, called until January, because it is where the workforce is most tired of the low salaries and the irregularities of the ‘low cost’ airline.

“We look strong, we have won many judgments and filed many complaints”, he warned before warning that workers cannot survive in places like Barcelona without getting to collect the minimum wage much more. “It is unsustainable,” Ortega acknowledged before appealing to the public’s complicity.


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