The sad parable of Virginia Sanjust: from Rai to the prosecution for extortion

The sad parable of Virginia Sanjust: from Rai to the prosecution for extortion

Virginia Sanjust di Teulada, former Rai presenter, indicted for extortion and vandalism of her grandmother and her home

The former Rai presenter Virginia Sanjust di Teulada she is accused of stalking towards the grandmother Antonietta De Pasquale. The Rome prosecutor’s office has closed the investigation and is ready to ask for the referral to trial. She is accused of attempting to extort money from grandmother devastating her house and having violated the ex-partner’s domicile. The crime of stalking was then reduced to breaking and entering and disturbing the neighbors’ sleep.

Sanjust is the daughter of the actress Antonella Interlenghi and the Sardinian nobleman Giovanni. Even her grandmother was an actress: she acted under the stage name of Antonella Luardi. Her grandfather is the actor Franco Interlenghi. Between May 2019 and April 2022 Sanjust ended up in a nursing home.

Sanjust lOn March 8, 2022, she ended up under house arrest for having devastated the home of her grandmother, Antonietta De Pascale, 91, known precisely as Antonella Lualdi, a film star in the 1950s. the 45-year-old ripped the paintings off the walls, damaged them and then did the same to the lamps and windows. The precautionary measure had also been decided because the former presenter had persecuted her ex-partner, breaking into her house after breaking the glass of a window with an earthenware vase.

In 2004 he divorced from Frederick Armati, at the time an agent of Sisde (the Service for information and democratic security, an Italian secret service), married in 1998 and with whom she had a son, Giancarlo. Also in 2004, she became the program’s special envoy A particular day on Rai 1: it seems like the beginning of a successful career, but in 2008 it ends up at the center of some controversy for a alleged relationship with the then Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Then in 2014 the father died in a tragic accident and from which moment began a long anonymity.

The husband thus told the story to Corriere della Sera in 2008: “This story begins on 29 September 2003. It is the evening in which Berlusconi, who was also prime minister at the time, goes to talk about pensions on television to unified networks. To introduce the event, as an announcer, she is called my wife, actually my ex-wife, because we were already separated at that time.The next morning, the Knight sent her flowers… But the bouquet arrived at my house, in Piazza Campo de’ Fiori number 8, where in May 2006 Virginia herself went to live. I have all the documents here, no one can deny me. Oh, understood, this is not a crime, eh? But, well…”

Sanjust instead said in an interview with Everyday occurrence that the meeting with Berlusconi had destroyed her life: “What he touches turns to ashes”. To break the balance of the woman, however, is the story with a 40-year-old met in 2019. The two are dating, but he refuses to transform the relationship into a stable relationship. Sanjust reacts badly. He disturbs him at work, he places himself in the entrance hall of the apartment building where he lives. In February 2020 he reported her for stalking.

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