«The Sandman», «Irma Vep» and «Santa Evita»: the new series to watch over the weekend

A wizard who wanted to capture Death, and live forever, mistakenly captured and imprisoned his younger brother: Morpheus, the lord of dreams. When Morpheus manages to free himself, after years, he finds a humanity plunged into chaos, between insomnia and terrible nightmares. It is the opening words of The Sandmanthe new series (from today on Netflix) based on Neil Gaiman comics released between 1988 and 1996 for DC Comics. The 11 episodes of the first season come to the screen after a series of failed attempts – the latest, a film that was supposed to direct and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. To ensure fidelity to the graphic novel, the presence of Gaiman, who created the series with Allan Heinberg and David S. Goyer. But there will also be some differences, starting with the setting: the facts told by the series take place in the present, and not at the turn of the eighties and nineties. In the cast Tom Sturridge (I Love Radio Rock), Boyd Holbrook (Narcos), Gwendoline Christie and Charles Dance (both ne Game of thrones).


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