The “Save the Forest” campaign was held on Kulikovo Field

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On October 23, the Kulikovo Pole Museum-Reserve hosted an environmental campaign “Save the Forest”. About 200 people planted over 7 thousand English oak seedlings – a special kind of tree for this area. Such oaks grew here at the time of the Battle of Kulikovo.

“The revival of the oak grove emphasizes the inextricable link between the past and the present, helps to recreate the natural landscape,” said Viktor Nashivanko, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Tula Region.

According to the head of the forest reproduction and protection department of the Federal Forestry Agency Alexander Kuzenko, the action united several regions at once: the seedlings were brought from the Oryol, Voronezh, Tambov, Lipetsk and Moscow regions. Some of the trees were also provided by Tula entrepreneurs. The landing was attended by Tula people, guests from other regions and volunteers of the National Council for Corporate Volunteering.

This year, as part of the Save the Forest campaign, 50 million trees have been planted throughout the country. Until the end of November, another 20 million is planned. You can join the action on the website saveimles.rf.


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