The searches end, 97 dead and one missing in the Miami collapse The final balance one month after the collapse of a 12-storey building on the Miami Surfside is 97 dead and a missing woman not yet identified. This is what emerges on the day when the rescuers declared the end of the searches in the rubble, according to reports from the BBC.

Since the beginning of the research, no person was extracted alive during excavation operations; as of July 7, there was no longer any hope of finding survivors but aimed only at the recovery of the bodies, while Miami was hit by a tropical storm: the interventions of the firefighters, who worked under pressure with 12-hour shifts per day, they were particularly risky due to the instability of what was left standing after the partial collapse of June 24 and suffered several interruptions. The debris is estimated to amount to 13,000 tons.



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