She was born a few hours ago but she is already the queen of social networks just like her mother Chiara Ferragni. Let’s talk about Vittoria Lucia Ferragni the second child of Chiara and Fedez who bears the surname of both parents, born in the clinic in Milan Mangiagalli. After the first photo that announced her arrival, congratulations poured in from all over the world to wish the little and already newborn “influencer” all the best.

As the hours went by, however, many details related to her arrival came to be discovered, first of all the color of the delivery room where the baby was given birth. In fact, from the first photo you can see that the environment was totally purple, with a single pink light near the face of the beautiful baby who did not seem, unlike many babies, to have suffered the trauma of birth. Perhaps the reason is due to this particular lighting. It is in fact a biodynamic light for the native chromotherapy. An innovative solution to improve delivery rooms, as well as a technologically advanced tool for chromotherapy. Thanks to this, the environments become much more relaxing, with proven beneficial effects on the emotions of the pregnant woman and the doctors who accompany her in all stages of childbirth.

This type of lighting simulates the natural light of the sun, thus allowing to synchronize the internal environment with the biological clock of each individual in this case of the newborn. Certainly a technique that allowed Chiara Ferragni to give birth in a less traumatic way, and Vittoria to come to light peacefully. And in fact, just a few hours after giving birth, Fedez made it known, during the press conference via streaming for the presentation of “LOL: who laughs is out”, that both the mother and the baby were fine and thanked everyone for the thousands of congratulatory messages received. Further proof In the evening when he posted a photo of Chiara in the hospital, smiling and in great shape, holding Vittoria in her arms.

To all this we add another little mystery about the time of the child’s birth. When the photo was posted on both parents’ profiles, the web was already aware of both the birth and the name. In fact, it seems that the news has leaked through the friend of one of the midwives present at the birth. The message was then immediately deleted, but the good news had already gone viral, beating the parents themselves.

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