The Security Council of the Russian Federation declared the need to combat the attempts of the West to provoke a crisis in Russia

Ensuring economic security by strengthening the country’s economic sovereignty and repelling threats is the most important strategic national priority, said Alexander Abelin, Assistant Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. He noted the need to develop measures to block the attempts of the West to provoke the development of a full-scale economic crisis in Russia.

“Special attention should be paid to the development of measures aimed at blocking the attempts of the West to provoke the development in Russia of a full-scale economic crisis, which creates threats to national security. At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to a balanced line when developing response steps, including import substitution programs, based on a thorough analysis of the possible consequences of the measures being implemented, “Mr. Abelin told reporters (quoted by TASS).

Mr. Abelin clarified that there is no talk of a confrontation with the West. According to him, overcoming internal imbalances in the national economy should become one of the priority tasks. Alexander Abelin believes that in recent years the country’s economy has confirmed its ability to maintain and strengthen its potential in the context of instability of the world economy and the use of economic restrictions.

He noted that the Russian economy is critically dependent on the situation in the world markets for raw materials and imports of high-tech products. The Assistant Secretary of the Security Council said that the new version of the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation forms a systematic approach to long-term economic security in order to prevent crises in the development of resource, raw materials, production, scientific, technical and technological potential, the financial system and to prevent a decrease in the quality of life of the population.



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