The self-proclaimed “October 18 Movement” claims attacks in southern Chile and warns about the right and the new Constitution

The self-proclaimed “October 18 Movement” claims attacks in southern Chile and warns about the right and the new Constitution

2023-06-14 17:28:04

In a proclamation sent to the media, he anticipates that “a dark period is coming, marked by an incipient fascism.”

The self-styled Movement October 18 it was awarded the last three attacks with explosives in different regions of Chile that damaged a railway bridge where the loggers and high tension towers circulate.

This Tuesday, incendiary and explosive attacks severely affected a freight railway bridge, damaged a pedestrian walkway and destroyed two trucks in southern Chilean regions, one of them under a state of emergency to stop the violence.

The affected regions were Ñuble and Biobío400 and 600 kilometers south of the Chilean capital, respectively.

Military presence in the Biobío area. Photo: Mario Quilodran / AFP

In Biobío, attacks were more common, which is why, together with La Araucanía, it has remained in a state of emergency for more than a year, which allows the presence of military in public order control tasks.

During the early hours of Tuesday an explosive attack severely affected the sleepers and part of the tracks of a bridge rail freight transport in a rural sector of Chillán, in Ñuble.

Regional prosecutor Álvaro Hermosilla declared that “it would be an explosive attack due to the magnitude of the damage.” But no details of those responsible were given.

They detonated an explosive device on a railway bridge.  Photo: Ñuble Regional Prosecutor's Office

They detonated an explosive device on a railway bridge. Photo: Ñuble Regional Prosecutor’s Office

The “October 18 Movement”

This Wednesday, the self-proclaimed “October 18 Movement”, a name that alludes to the social outbreak in Chile on October 18, 2019he sent a proclamation to the ANSA news agency in which he adjudicates those attacks.

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The group maintained that “a dark period is coming in Chile, marked by an incipient fascism penetrating the masses, which today has positioned a conservative and retrograde right at the command of the drafting of the new constitution, that will govern the destinies of the country for the next decades or that, failing that, will perpetuate the constitution emanated in dictatorship“.

In an extensive analysis, they expose how this situation came to be almost four years after the popular revolt of 2019.

The demonstrations of October 18, 2019 were a milestone in the country’s history, they put traditional politics in check and led to the process of drafting a new constitution, which in a first attempt was rejected in a referendum by the population that voted 61% against, September 2022

In its letter to ANSA, the group points to the signing of the Agreement for Peace on November 15 of that year, in which the current president Gabriel Boric participated.

It exposes that “the legal illusion of the new constitution, added to the pandemic, demobilized the people who today observe as everything will change so that nothing changes“.

“An insipid government”

the group called

The group called Boric’s administration “bland government.” Photo: EFE

They attribute the failure of the first constituent convention to “this puppet government and the communist party” together with the oligarchy, the political class and the media, “which installed its security agenda against an insipid government”.

They conclude that, 50 years after the coup, “we made it clear that there is no room for hesitation. The right, Boric and his ignominy try to close this chapter under the excuse of national unity. We remind you that the blood of our heroes is not transacted and while we don’t know where is the last missing detainee there will be no forgiveness or forgetting.”

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They called “on the people of Chile to open their eyes to this new scenario that is coming. To re-organize themselves in the populations, in the environmental coordinators, in the unions, in the student federations and in the academy.

To return to dispute the principles that exploded the rage that October 18″.

Writing with Clarín with information from ANSA and AP


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