The sentence of a Givat fighter who confronted a left-wing activist was commuted

The IDF announced that Major General Zabar recommended to his commanders to shorten the sentence of the fighter from Hebron who confronted a left-wing activist. And this is due to taking responsibility and the regret he expressed. The commander of the Southern Command accepted the recommendation of the Major General, and shortened the soldier’s sentence to 6 days in the military prison

The IDF spokesman announced that: “Following the acceptance of responsibility and remorse expressed by a Givat fighter from the Sabar Battalion who expressed himself in a manner unbecoming of an IDF soldier a week ago, the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Aviran Alfasi, recommended yesterday to his commanders that his sentence be reduced by four days. Today, a commander decided Southern Command, General Eliezer Toledano, to approve the sweetening.”

Last Friday, a fighter from the Givatay Brigade confronted left-wing activists in Hebron and told him, “Soon Ben Gvir will bring order here, you have eaten her,” the commander of the “Zabar” battalion in Givatay, Lt. Col. Aviran Alfasi, sentenced the fighter to ten days in military prison – and many in the political and military establishment They responded to the accusations against him, which also came from politicians, and attacked the punishment.

In the letter that the soldier sent this week to the commander of the Givati ​​Brigade and the general of the Central Command, he asked that his punishment be reduced, admitted that he made a mistake and clarified that he had no intention of expressing a political position.

He said that: “One of them shouted at me all the time that I was following Ben Gvir’s orders and that I was a soldier of Ben Gvir. I didn’t want to say anything political and I didn’t want to behave in a way that was not suitable for a soldier. I answered him in the same language he used. He said I was a soldier of Ben Gvir, so I told him that if I am his soldier then he should make order here,” the soldier explained what he said. “I also explained to the Magistrate that I in no way intended to say anything political about Ben Gvir or to take a position, I said a few words without any intention of embarrassing the IDF or committing an offense and I find myself going to prison. I understand that I spoke in a way that I should not have spoken, Even if I did it unintentionally. I was very stressed at the event and I’m just asking for consideration of the pressure and everything that was there at the event that lasted quite a while.”

“I apologize. I realized my mistake. I will not say such things again under any circumstances. My dream was to be a fighter. I believe in what I do and I want to continue to be a fighter. I have a lot of motivation to serve. That is why I turn to you, commander, and ask to win me, or at least reduce the punishment,” the soldier wrote.

And today the IDF spokesman announced that the soldier’s apology was accepted and he will only serve six days in a bandage and not ten days.


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