The separation of Lior Narkis and Moshiko Moore

The separation of Lior Narkis and Moshiko Moore

After four years: Moshiko Moore and Lior Narkis break up. Mako learned a few months ago that the two were not working together, but the news was vigorously denied in the vicinity of the two singers. Coincidentally or not, along with the release of Moore’s new EP, TOP FIVE, this morning they confirmed the separation on both sides.

Moore signed with Narkis in 2019 just before the corona virus and a little after Moore’s breakthrough with the hits “Winter’s Type” and “Lone Wolf”. Together they released “Achi” in 2019 and “Boys and Girls” in 2020. Some of the songs in Moore’s new project are still out as part of the joint contract and are signed to Narcissus Representation and Management.

Ofer Menachem, Lior Narkis’ public relations manager, and Shir Pinto, Moshiko Mor’s public relations manager, responded: “After 4 successful years together, the contract came to an end, and the parties decided by joint decision not to renew the contract. The two appreciate each other very much, they remain good friends and are grateful to each other for the time they shared together.”


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