The series “Anna Boleyn” fell victim to racism: the heroine was played by a black actress

The project received the lowest ratings

There are only three episodes in the British TV series Anne Boleyn, but they caused a disproportionate amount of anger. The film is mercilessly scolded both in Britain and in Russia, however, Russians are often annoyed not quite by what the British are outraged.

The real verdict for the project was a deadly low rating on the well-known IMDb resource. The ratings here are set by users and according to the opinion of about three thousand people, the rating of “Anne Boleyn” is slightly more than a percent of ten possible. It is noteworthy that Russian movie and TV lovers turned out to be a little more supportive of the new British show. According to KinoPoisk users, the project was assigned a rating of 1.7 out of ten, which, of course, is also very little for such a spectator genre as a costume series.

For many, the reason for such an icy reception may lie on the surface. Actually, bewilderment was expressed when it was only announced that the role of Anne Boleyn, wife of the English king Henry VIII, a woman who became a victim of her too advanced views, would be played by a black actress Jodie Turner-Smith. Apparently, even in progressive countries, not everyone accepts the so-called “color-blind” casting, when the color of the actors’ skin does not matter at all.

The Bridgerton series, released late last year, set a precedent of sorts. The English nobility played there, including black actors, and this caused heated discussions, but in the countries of the victorious tolerance, the responses were rather positive. But apparently not everyone then could have assumed that the new rules for the selection of actors would suddenly become not just a sign of progress in the industry, but almost mandatory and not implying objections.

In Russia, to put it mildly, they are not accustomed to the racially neutral selection of actors, so even officials allow themselves to make poster accusations of distorting history. And the audience is easier to predict transvestites in the roles of historical characters.

Jodie Turner-Smith, commenting on such a biased attitude of the public to her role as Anne Boleyn, does not express any surprise at such a reaction. But the actress is sure that playing the role of a white-skinned monarch, she does not erase the humanity of white people, but simply removes the race from context, telling the story of a famous woman.

By the way, British viewers have more complaints not about skin color, but about historical details. Lovers of history did not like some of the interiors and the interpretation of the everyday life of monarchs and did not like the scene where Anne Boleyn kisses her maid of honor on the lips. This, according to history buffs, was difficult to imagine at that time.



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