The seven online appointments for the Cicap Fest Edu school, aimed at students and teachers, are starting today

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From today to Sunday 31st the Cicap Fest presents a week of workshops, laboratories and online meetings: the Cicap Fest Edu was born from a rib dedicated to the Cicap Fest school, held in early September in Padua. The intent is “to spread a scientific and critical mentality, encouraging the use of rationality in solving problems and in contrasting pseudoscience and false news”, as the organizers explain.

The common goal, in fact, is to build “a content platform for first and second grade high school students and courses for teachers that will remain usable over time”. Paolo Attivissimo, Daniela Ovadia, Luca Perri, Massimo Polidoro and many other experts will discuss with teachers and students on topical issues.

Among these: the importance of the scientific method, safe surfing on the internet, rights and diversity, the verification of news, the reliability of the sources… To participate you must register on the website Seven open and free streaming meetings are dedicated to students, aimed at all classes of upper and lower secondary schools wherever they are.

Among the appointments there are workshops specifically aimed at teachers: these are appointments recognized by the Miur, which allow you to collect training credits and, in cases where there is a registration fee, you can use the teacher’s card to pay it.

We point out: the Umberto Veronesi Foundation which will hold the workshop “Public health: a collective good to protect” to discuss the current challenges in the field of public health and how to address the link between the environment, inequalities and health. Speakers will be Guendalina Graffigna, Professor of Consumer and Health Psychology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Piacenza and Lucia Bisceglia, Epidemiologist and President of the Italian Association of Epidemiology (AIE), with the moderation of Alessandro Vitale, scientific divulger and supervisor of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation.

Paolo Attivissimo will explain how to use the internet, social networks, smartphones, computers and other digital devices without being used, between privacy and security; Cicap Scuola members, Enrico Scalas and Luca Antonelli, will offer tools on how to help students dodge the pitfalls of misinterpreting data, thus forming a critical and aware citizenry.

The science communicators Chiara Segré and Agnese Sonato will meet the teachers (but also librarians, booksellers, educators and science communicators and simple enthusiasts) on the function of narration and of the book as a key to open the imagination of the youngest to the wonders of nature, investigated with the tools of science, and in the development of a real “scientific culture”.

Finally, Riccardo Di Deo of the Airc Foundation will dedicate a workshop that offers educational tools to become more familiar with basic concepts from statistics and epidemiology, which are essential for making informed choices in the field of health.

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