The seventh victim of the attack in Neve Ya’akov: Ilya Sosansky

The seventh victim of the attack in Neve Ya’akov: Ilya Sosansky

according to 27a

The name of the last of those murdered in the shocking massacre that took place on Saturday night at the entrance to the synagogue in Neve Ya’akov in Jerusalem was allowed to be published.

The seventh murdered person is Ilya Sosansky 14, 26 years old at the time of his death.

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Earlier, the names of the other victims of the attack were allowed to be published. Irina Korolova the 14th A foreign worker from Ukraine, she is the sixth murdered in the attack in Jerusalem. Koroleva worked in Israel as a nursing worker. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the horrific massacre on International Holocaust Day.

Shaul Hai the 14th 68 years old, collector of the Zakor Lavraham Synagogue in Pisgat Ze’ev. Chai, stayed on Shabbat night with his brother-in-law in Neve Ya’akov and was murdered on his way home.

which gave The 14th, 14-year-old from Neve Ya’akov.

Eli Mizrahi (48) andNatalie Ziskin (45) who got married only two years ago. They went out to help the wounded who were shot by the terrorist, but he also shot them and they were pronounced dead a short time later.

He was also killed in the attack Raphael ben Eliyahu (56), and his 14-year-old son was seriously injured. His other son paid tribute to him: “My dear father, my heart cannot digest how they took you from me like this. I love you and miss you so much.”


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