The shadow posted a dramatic message and repeated it an hour later: “I already regretted it”

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In the past week, the “shadow”, namely Yoav Eliassy, ​​has been trying to raise money for an apartment for his disabled parents after their house was taken from them by the court for political reasons, he claimed. “Their home was taken from them by a cold-hearted and unjust cold system that found it appropriate to throw a cancer-stricken cripple into the street with no trial and no solution and no compensation.” Tonight (Thursday), the shadow posted on his Facebook page a dramatic announcement that, if he meets the goals of the campaign, he will run for the Knesset despite promises from the past that he will not do so. An hour later, he withdrew from his announcement.

At the beginning of his speech, Shadow thanked all his supporters. “I turned to you and you supported me and my parents, you donated one shekel until we reached an amazing amount of one and a half million (before downloads) and I know it sounds gritty but I will do everything to bring them home so my dad can go through chemotherapy quietly and without stress and no, I do not want “They had a villa and no luxuries and buying their house back is no longer possible because it is 3.5 million that I do not have and I will not get. I must remember that my parents are not young and healthy who can rent an apartment and move every two years so I have no choice but to get by.”

“So here’s my suggestion,” the shadow wrote excitedly. “I appreciate what you did for my parents and I hope you like his gesture to you. So as a tribute to your donation I will do something I do not want, am not interested and did not think I would ever do so much I want to help them. You will take me to a fundraising destination so I can house them. “In a proper home and in the upcoming elections, even though I said I would never go into politics, I will do everything to be your representative in the Knesset of Israel.”

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“You will take care of my parents at home, I will take care of the house of all of us as a Member of Knesset. (In case there are no mishaps and we all know how much they will look for). “I want to give back to you hugely and my wish is irrelevant at the moment. Hope you liked the idea. Whether it succeeds or not, I thank you appreciate and love for everything you have done for me.” The shadow ended the post with the words: “Suddenly I’m not sure I want to reach my destination.”

As mentioned, about an hour later, the shadow regretted it, and wrote: “I only came up with the thought of running for the Knesset. I have already regretted it. But I will keep my word if I reach my goal for you, for the fighters and for my family.”

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