The shaky experience of the ultra-Orthodox actor with the chastity shift

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In the shadow of deciphering the murder and disappearance affair 30 years ago, the ultra-Orthodox actor, Efi Skakowski, reveals the shaky encounter with the members of the chastity guards: “I turn around and I see behind a follower with a warm-neck and a headset.”

In a post he published on the ultra-Orthodox networks that Skakowski repeated: “Following the explosion of the murder case of the Chastity Guard, I remembered the story I had with the Chastity Guard when I was 13, 15 years ago.”
He said: “I was an orphaned, bored child, who wanders all day and night in the streets, not problematic, such a cutie who wanders all day and makes fun of the big ones. At noon a friend took me to Gocha, no Jerusalemite my age does not know Central.

“We went in there, took a computer, and had no idea what to do with it. We opened the Internet. We entered Sports 5. Some guy who sat next to us and saw that we were fresh in business, approached us and said leave the Internet. “Malbaru was red and we set off, he went to his house and I to the station. I waited for line 32 in the direction of the house and smoked a cigarette in the bushes so that I would not be afraid to catch me.”

Skakowski recreates the dramatic moments behind the bushes: “Suddenly I hear behind a whisper – ‘He’s here behind the bushes.’ “I should start shaking and crying.”

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“We are following you from Gocha, we know where you live, we know everything about you, or you will cooperate or call your father,” he said.

“I was scared and said clearly I want to cooperate,” the ultra-Orthodox actor recalls. “They took me to a black Honda with black windows. On a page and before I got out of the car I innocently asked him why are you allowed to listen to secular radio? (Was on Network B) So he replied; “We need to know what’s going on in the world to take care of things.”

Then comes the stage of testimony at the police and ‘Repentance’: “The next day we went to the Russian compound, and before we went to the clerk to give testimony, we went to the commander (the guy’s friend) to say hello ….. Meetings where we talked about teshuva, and the Internet, until the rabbi said he felt I had returned to teshuva … “.

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