The share of purchases involving small businesses has doubled in Russia since 2017

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The share of state and municipal purchases with the participation of small and medium-sized businesses reached 31%. The indicator has doubled since 2017, said the head of the legal department of the FAS Russia Artem Molchanov.

“Three years ago, the President set a very ambitious task – to double the share of small and medium-sized businesses, to 31% in the country as a whole, the average figure for the country has been reached,” said Mr. Molchanov at a seminar in Kirov on assistance development of competition (quoted by TASS). He added that in the Kirov region the figure is 45%, for the year it increased by 15%.

The representative of the FAS spoke about the reduction in violations of antimonopoly legislation by the authorities by half.

At the end of the first quarter of 2021, the total volume of state purchases (Federal Law No. 44) increased to 3.2 trillion rubles. (almost 1 million purchases), which exceeds a third of the total volume of state orders for 2020 (11.1 trillion rubles). At the same time, the state and state-owned companies show a steady growth in demand, while in the commercial sector the purchases of companies have become smaller.

For more information on the statistics of state purchases, see the article by Kommersant “Purchases moved to the beginning of the year”.


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