The Shin Bet’s warning call to Abu Hachira from Gaza

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Operation ‘Dawn’: The Shin Bet today (Sunday) released a recording of a conversation between a coordinator in the organization and a Palestinian resident of Gaza, just before an attack on an Islamic Jihad target.

In the conversation, the Shin Bet officer was heard checking that the target of the attack – an ammunition depot located in a house in the center of Gaza City – was free of civilians in order to prevent injury to innocents.

The Israeli coordinator says to a resident of Gaza: “You know how we behave, I don’t want anyone to get hurt here and I see that people are returning to their homes. Are they a vacant replacement building?”

The resident of Gaza replied: “Now there is no one there”, the Israeli coordinator continued: “Are you sure it is free? Did you see with your own eyes? Even the houses behind the house? The shops too, empty?”. Listen to the full conversation

The Shin Bet stated that: “This conversation is one of dozens of conversations carried out by the Shin Bet coordinators to residents in the Gaza Strip, in order to make sure that there are no uninvolved people nearby terrorist targets of the GAP that have been attacked and are located in the heart of a civilian population.”

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