The shortage of epidurals in Israel The women are in a panic, the midwives organization reassures: “there are solutions”

Following the fear of a shortage of epidurals expected in Israel in the coming period, the organization of midwives in Israel received worried inquiries from many women who are pregnant and fear giving birth without the common pain reliever.

Due to the many referrals, the midwives’ organization issued a reassuring message to women: “The health system is aware of the concern and is doing everything to prevent a shortage. At the same time, even if God forbid we get there, we midwives all over the country know how to offer many solutions to deal with labor pains.”

Osnat Levy, midwife in the delivery room at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center And the head of the advocacy committee at the Israel Midwives Organization, said: “The fear of a shortage shakes the world of many pregnant women. The knowledge that it is possible to receive an epidural gives peace of mind even to those who are planning a natural birth and there is no doubt that the new information brings uneasiness.

There are many other solutions and medicinal measures such as laughing gas, pethidine and other painkillers given through the vein but no less important and helpful, mobility, water, touch, guided imagination, tennis devices, breathing exercises and support from a midwife which help a lot to reduce the pain and the ability to deal with it. Remember that the difficult part of the process does not last more than a minute at a time and we are there to support you to breathe and accompany these moments hand in hand.”

In conclusion, the midwives organization notes that “natural births without epidurals occur every day in delivery rooms throughout the country.”

It should be noted that according to the data of the Association of Anesthesiologists in Israel, 70-80 thousand women in labor receive epidural anesthesia every year. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, approximately 170,000 births are performed in Israel per year, so statistically most births are performed without an epidural anyway.

Pregnant women who want to consult before giving birth, are invited to the closed Facebook community called Word of a midwife managed by professional midwives from the organization of midwives in Israel.


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