«The siege» among the Tuscan films in Cannes

The troop of Tuscan films that will have a very important showcase at the next Cannes Film Festival (6-17 July) is enriched with a new title. This is «The siege» by Marta Innocenti, a young director from Vicchio (in Mugello), whose first film was selected in the Italian Showcase in the «Cannes Docs» section at the Marché du Film. The film, produced by the Echi Visivi company of the Tuscan director and screenwriter Samuele Rossi, and supported by the Toscana Film Commission and the Festival dei Popoli, tells what happens during the three days of the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix, the national stage of the World Championship. Over the course of 72 hours, the Mugello, a solitary valley located at the foot of the Tuscan Apennines, is invaded by more than 200,000 people from all over the world: not only fans and motor enthusiasts, but also a varied crowd made up of people who have desire to live an exciting adventure.

The Sunday MotoGp race is actually only the point of arrival of history, since the Mugello International Circuit (which has permanently hosted the World Championship since 1994) is one of a kind for a very specific reason: the spectators, during the three days, they can stay overnight and camp inside. This characteristic has led to the creation of the great legend over the years that is still told, handed down and shouted today: “At Mugello you don’t sleep!”. A great uninterrupted party in the fields surrounding the circuit, an extraordinary example of a community made up of tens of thousands of people who come together to be together, have fun without restraints, for the pure joy of spending three days of carefree and sharing a passion.

“The idea of ​​the documentary is to tell two great worlds – says Marta Innocenti, who made it in five years – the one” inside “the circuit, pulsating core of chaos, fun, happiness, speed, and the” outside “one, that is a territory, that of Mugello, of how it is transformed by the arrival of this world sporting event which represents for the residents of the villages a moment of “vitality”, of total break with an everyday life made up of silence, emptiness, calm and regularity. The narration of the outside world is that of the characters that revolve around the circuit – from the insiders to the police, from the residents to the very young of the place – and of the places of the territory, flooded with humanity, which are brightly colored with the colors of the supporters. As we get closer to the stories surrounding the party and the circuit camp – the world “inside” – the narrative is deconstructed with a view to restoring the fun. Flashes, glimpses, scenes that even destroy the presence of the camera. Two large blocks, where the vision becomes an indistinct flow of two great worlds. The story of these nights is a journey into the most authentic passions of the human being – explains Innocenti – a journey that leads us to the discovery of a humanity that lives its existence intensely and without restraints. The most intimate and true dimension of reality, in its lights and shadows ».

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