The signs that indicate that it is time to change the battery

Vehicles are very sensitive to seasonal changes with their corresponding variations in temperature, fully affecting some of its components. This is the case of the battery, an element that suffers like few others the thermometer and, in the absence of revision, can leave the driver lying.

The battery is the heart of the car and is responsible for supplying electrical energy so that the engine and the rest of the auxiliary elements can, in turn, start up.

As a general rule, the average useful life is usually around 4 years, but in reality, there is no a concrete answersince it depends on various factors, such as the type of battery or the use we give the car.

Oscaro’s specialists offer us a series of keys that can indicate that our car needs a battery change. One of the first symptoms that may indicate that your vehicle needs a battery change is that the car has difficulty starting or that it takes longer than normal. battery is responsible for providing energy power to the engine so that it starts up, so if you detect this type of problem, it may be because the battery no longer has the necessary power.

Various systems, such as the air conditioning, the injection systems or the fuel pump are fed by the battery charge. Likewise, other functionalities such as central locking or electric windows, among others, also work thanks to battery power. If any of these systems has errors or strange behavior It may be due to a poor condition of the car battery.

If you notice faults in the lights, such as changes in intensity, the problem may not come from the bulbs, but from the battery. The same happens with the lights inside the passenger compartment that also lose luminosity if the battery has a fault.

Vehicles often detect battery failure before it is irreversible, so if we heed the warning we can change the battery before it surprises us leaving us stranded any day.

Other important items

The cold is one of the main enemies of your battery, since it speeds up its discharge, so it is highly advisable to leave the vehicle sheltered on a regular basis. But according to Euromaster technicians, the battery is not the only element that suffers from temperature changes. Keeping the coolant in good condition and ensuring that it maintains its antifreeze properties is essential for the health of the engine. It should be remembered that this liquid helps prevent the cooling circuit from freezing and prevents that the propeller ends up breaking. Its change does not exceed 70 euros, but if the engine seizes, the amount can rise to 2,500 euros, depending on the model.

On the other hand, the tires, with the beginning of the rains, are decisive to ensure correct safety at the wheel. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary frights, it is recommended that the depth is not less than 3 millimeters.

If the tires do not meet this requirement, in the event of a wet floor, the braking distance can be doubled, putting the safety of the occupants at risk. A set of two tires can go from 200 to 500 euros depending on the car.

It is also important to monitor the evolution of the thermometer and be aware when it begins to drop below the threshold of 8º, which is when it is recommended opt for a winter tirethat is, with specific features for cold, rain and even snow conditions.

And they are not less important, the windshield wipers or the windshield washer fluid itself. Bad condition of the tires or wiper blades or even the lack of fluid can seriously affect the driver’s visibility, especially in adverse weather conditions.


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